Call for Papers - Reduplication

Bernhard Hurch bernhard.hurch at KFUNIGRAZ.AC.AT
Thu Mar 7 14:29:30 UTC 2002

Graz Conference on Reduplication

University of Graz, Austria, November 2-4, 2002

Call for Papers

Due to developments in phonological and morphological theory, the
discussion of reduplication has very much attracted the attention of
scholars in our field and the number of publications on the topic has
increased considerably. The major part of these studies, though, have
approached the problem from a theory-centric point of view and
substantial problems have been subordinated to theoretical issues.
Therefore we feel the need for discussion and clarification of more
essential problems. Such topics include:

· the role of reduplication within morphology
· the interaction of reduplication with other grammatical, phonological,
and prosodic processes
· the semantics of reduplication
· delimitation from other related phenomena (cyclicity, recursivity,
assimilative processes, etc.)
· reduplication and typological factors
· areal considerations
· diachrony
· productivity
· types and entities
· Pidgins/Creoles
· sign languages
· language acquisition etc.

The scholars who have already agreed to present a paper at the
conference are:

Aronoff, Mark , On reduplication and the order of operations
Bakker, Peter, Reduplication in Pidgins and Creoles
Downing, Laura, Tone and reduplication in Southern Bantu languages
Dressler, Wolfgang, On reduplication in language acquisition
Eisenberg, Peter, t.b.a.
Himmelmann, Nikolaus, Reduplication phenomena in (mostly western)
Austronesian languages
Inkelas, Sharon, Opacity in infixing reduplication
Maas, Utz,
Rubino, Carl, Reduplication: Form, Function, and Distribution
Shaw, Patricia, Reduplication in the languages of the American N.-W.
Wilbur, Ronnie, Reduplication in sign language
Zoll, Cheryl, t.b.a.
Hurch, Bernhard, On the productivity of reduplication

About a dozen additional papers will be accepted for presentation.
Mouton de Gruyter have already pronounced their interest in publishing
the results of the conference.

We invite scholars to submit an abstract of 1-2 pages by June 30th,
2002. Notification of acceptance will be sent out by July 31st, 2002.

Organisational details concerning participation, accommodation, etc.
will be accessible later on the homepage of the Institute.

The meeting will take place at the
University of Graz
Institute of Linguistics
Merangasse 70
A-8010 Graz

for further information please contact:

bernhard.hurch at

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