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Last week, I posted a request for recent theoretical and crosslinguistic
literature items on questions. Many thanks once again to Miriam Bouzouita,
Zygmunt Frajzyngier, Martin Haspelmath, Theo Janssen, Ekkehard Koenig,
Steve Marlett, Sandra Thompson, and Nigel Vincent for their prompt and
very useful responses.

Below is the list of references that I have received. Items yet to appear
are at the end.


Ackema, Peter & Ad Neeleman. 1998. Optimal questions.
   Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 16/3, 443-490.

Boskovic, Zeljko. 1999. On multiple feature checking:
   multiple wh-fronting and multiple head-movement.
   In Samuel David Epstein & Norbert Hornstein (ed.)
   Working minimalism. 159-187. Cambridge: The MIT Press.

Boskovic, Zeljko. 2000. Sometimes in [Spec, CP], sometimes
   in situ. In Roger Martin & David Michaels & Juan
   Uriagereka (ed.) Step by step: Essays on Minimalist
   Syntax in honor of Howard Lasnik. 53-87. Cambridge:
   The MIT Press.

Cheng, Lisa. 1997. On the typology of wh-questions. New
   York: Garland.

Frajzyngier, Zygmunt. 1985. Interrogative sentences in
   Chadic. Journal of West African Languages 15.1.57-72.

Frajzyngier, Zygmunt. 1996. Grammaticalization of the
   Complex Sentence: A case study in Chadic. Amsterdam &
   Philadelphia: Benjamins. Complementary Series to the
   Study in Language.

Ginzburg, Jonathan & Ivan Sag. (recently published)
   Interrogative Investigations. Stanford: CSLI and
   Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
   (The introductory chapter is available at:

Guenther, Grewendorf. 2001. Multiple wh-fronting.
   Linguistic Inquiry 32: 87-122.

Judith Haan. 2002. Speaking of questions. An exploration of
   Dutch question intonation, [Ph.D. Dissertation KU
   Nijmegen. Utrecht.

Marlett, Stephen. 2000. Polar questions in Seri. Word
   Papers and the Summer Institute of Linguistics, North
   Dakota session, 44.
   The paper can be dowloaded from the following

Richards, Norvin. 1999. Feature cyclicity and the ordering
   of multiple specifiers. In: Samuel David Epstein &
   Norbert Hornstein (ed.) Working minimalism. Cambridge:
   The MIT Press.

Rudin, Catherine. 1988. On multiple questions and multiple
   WH fronting. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory 6/4:
   (This is an older article but it is relevant to more
   recent discussions on multiple wh-questions.)

Siemund, Peter. 2001. Interrogative constructions. In:
   Martin Haspelmath & Ekkehard Koenig & Wulf Oesterreicher
   & Wolfgang Raible (ed.), Language typology and language
   universals. Berlin: de Gruyter.

Simpson, Andrew. 2000. Wh-movement and the theory of
   feature checking. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: Benjamins.
   (Written in a Minimalist framework; has a lot of good
   data from Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese.)

Thompson, Sandra A. 1998. A discourse explanation for the
   cross-linguistic differences in the grammar of
   interrogation and negation. In: Anna Siewierska & Jae
   Jung Song (ed.) Case, typology, and grammar. 309-341.
   Amsterdam/Phildalephia: John Benjamins.

- Dryer, Matthew:
  -- Polar questions
-- Position of polar question particles
-- Position of content question phrases
  In preparation; to appear in: Matthew Dryer & Martin
  Haspelmath & David Gil & Bernard Comrie (ed.), World
  Atlas of Language Structures.

- Koenig, Ekkehard & Peter Siemund, to appear. Speech act
  distinctions in grammar. In: Timothy Shopen (ed.)
  Language typology and syntactic description. Cambridge:
  Cambridge University Press.

- Richards, Norvin. 1997. What moves where when in which
  language? Doctoral dissertation, MIT.
  There is an abstract on Richard Norvin's home page; the
  thesis itself is available from the MIT dissertations

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