Borrowed verbs

Thu Jan 2 20:50:02 UTC 2003

Dear Ms. Valenzuela,
Greek borrowed many Turkish verbs together with the 3rd person SINGULAR past
tense suffix -di, using the derivative suffix -z- before the TAM endings. When
Turkish verbs appear in other Balkan languages, they appear with a suffix -diz-
, indicating that they must in fact have been borrowed via Greek, a 'third'
On the other hand, the Spanish 3rd person PLURAL form ALSO would seem to me to
be a likely source for borrowing verbs, as it is the least personal one. For
people intending just to borrow the lexeme itself it therefore seems to be the
most likely source.
The Turkish --> Balkan evidence is a bit different, as the 3rd person singular
is, in Turkish, the unmarked member of the category, which can also be used
when referring to plural subjects.
I think you might, to decide for or against the 'third language' hypothesis,
try to see whether (at least a majority of) the specific verbs of Spanish
origin found in Shipibo-Konibo are also found in Quechua, but not necessarily
the other way around.
The use of the -n- might, of course, also have been extended by analogy (by
either hypothesis).
With sincere regards

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