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Dear ALT members,

don't despair:  your copy of LT 6-3 (2002) hasn't been lost in the mail.
Last year's last issue will come soon, in mid February, delayed by
technical problems with the typesetting, caused by unusually recalcitrant
fonts long resisting to print out or even become visible.

LT 7-1 (2003) is already in production and will be out on time in March.

Below is a preview of the contents of both issues.

Those of you keen to be in future issues of LT, please remember to submit
your papers in electronic form even at the first try (accompanied by three
printouts):  you'll then be reviewed even faster.

Frans Plank
frans.plank at


LT 6-3 (2002)


Edith Moravcsik
The ALT Junior Award

Konstantin I. Kazenin
Focus in Daghestanian and word order typology

Sergej Tatevosov
The parameter of actionality

Review Article

Maria Polinsky
The marvels of Tsakhur:  Elementy caxurskogo jazyka tipologiceskom
osvescenii, edited by Aleksandr E. Kibrik and Jakov G. Testelec

Contents of Linguistic Typology, volume 6


LT 7-1 (2003)


Ezra van Everbroeck
Language type frequency and learnability from a connectionist perspective

Michael Fortescue
Diachronic typology and the genealogical unity of Chukotko-Kamchatkan

Pro and Con

Michael Cysouw
Against implicational universals

Elena Maslova
A case for implicational universals

Matthew S. Dryer
Significant and non-significant implicational universals

Frans Plank
There's more than one way to make sense of one-way implications, and no
reason to dump the good ones whatever their sense

Review Article

Jae Jung Song
The UNITYP (re-)view: Language Universals Research: A Synthesis, by
Hansjakob Seiler


Peter Bakker
Language Relations across Bering Strait, by Michael Fortescue

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