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Tue Jul 20 16:50:23 UTC 2004

dear ALT members and LT readers,

LT 8-2 is out, and LT 8-3 is in production and will follow in a couple of
months or so.  Every university library ought to have it, too;  make sure
yours does.

Looking forward to your submissions,
Frans Plank


LT 8-2 (2004)


Johanna Nichols, David A. Peterson, and Jonathan Barnes
Transitivizing and detransitivizing languages

Sérgio Meira
Mental state postpositions in Tiriyó and other Cariban languages

Colette Grinevald and Frank Seifart
Noun classes in African and Amazonian languages: Towards a comparison

Book Reviews

Keren Rice
Endoclitics and the Origins of Udi Morphosyntax, by Alice C. Harris

Volker Heeschen
Wörterbuch der mexicanischen Sprache, by Eduard Buschmann and Wilhelm von
Humboldt (edited by Manfred Ringmacher)


LT 8-3 (2004)

Target Article

Peter Trudgill
Linguistic and social typology: The Austronesian migrations and phoneme

Keren Rice
Language contact, phoneme inventories, and the Athapaskan language family

John Hajek
Small consonant inventories as an areal feature of the New Guinea-Pacific
region: Testing Trudgill's hypotheses

Baržs Kabak
Acquiring phonology is not acquiring inventories but contrasts:  The loss
of primary long vowels in Turkic and Korean

Peter Bakker
Phoneme inventories, language contact, and grammatical complexity: A
critique of Trudgill

Vladimir Pericliev
There is no correlation between the size of a community
speaking a language and the size of the phonological inventory of that

Author's Response
Peter Trudgill
On the complexity of simplification

Language Profile

Alex François
A typological overview of Mwotlap, an Oceanic language of Vanuatu

Book Reviews

Andrej A. Kibrik
Anaphors: A Cross-linguistic Study, by Yan Huang

Andrew Spencer
Problems of Polysynthesis, edited by Nicholas Evans and Hans-Jürgen Sasse

Gilbert Lazard
Aspects of Typology and Universals, edited by Walter Bisang

Contents of Linguistic Typology, volume 8

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