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LT 9-2 (2005)


Joan Bybee
Restrictions on phonemes in affixes:
A crosslinguistic test of a popular hypothesis

Jean-Christophe Verstraete
The semantics and pragmatics of composite mood marking:
The non-Pama-Nyungan languages of northern Australia

Seppo Kittilä
Recipient-prominence vs. beneficiary-prominence

Review Articles

Irina Nikolaeva
A Grammar of Kolyma Yukaghir, by Elena Maslova

Edward J. Vajda
Die Diathese in den Jenissej-Sprachen aus typologischer Sicht,
by Heinrich Werner

Book Reviews

Claire Bowern
Bininj Gun-wok: A Pan-Dialectal Grammar of Mayali, Kunwinjku and Kune,
by Nicholas Evans, and The Non-Pama-Nyungan Languages of Northern
Australia, edited by Nicholas Evans


... in production, and to come out in late November, early December:


LT 9-3 (2005)

Target Article

Nicholas Evans and Toshiki Osada
Mundari: The myth of a language without word classes


John Peterson
There's a grain of truth in every "myth", or, Why the discussion
of lexical classes in Mundari isn't quite over yet

Kees Hengeveld and Jan Rijkhoff
Mundari as a flexible language

William Croft
Word classes, parts of speech, and syntactic argumentation

Authors' Response

Nicholas Evans and Toshiki Osada
Mundari and argumentation in word-class analysis


Frans Plank
Delocutive verbs, crosslinguistically

Heriberto Avelino
The typology of Pamean number systems and the limits of Mesoamerica as a
linguistic area

Contents of Linguistic Typology, Volume 9


Sorry we're running a little late this year.  2006 will see us on time
again, with highlights such as these lined up for the first issues:

Roland Pfau & Markus Steinbach
Pluralization across modalities

Ryan K. Shosted
Correlating complexity: A typological approach

Ekkehard König & Volker Gast
Focused assertion of identity: A typology of intensifiers

The Reproducibility Debate

When submitting your very own highlights for future issues, don't forget to
attach a pdf file of your paper (with fonts embedded), identical with the
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