Doubled preposition in NPs

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Dear Wolfgang
>  As soon as the features I have mentioned disappear canonically, we 
> would arrive at a 'doubled preposition construction'.
Are you interested in doubled postposition constructions as well?
Hungarian is a case in point. Here are two examples from an elementary 

az elo"tt a ház 
that in.front ART house in.front                  
‘in front of that 

e mögött az oszlop mögött
this behind ART column behind
‘behind this column’

There is agreement only with demonstratives, not with attributive 
adjectives, as with cases, and some sources say that the agreement of 
demonstratives with postpositions is optional. I am sure many other 
members of this list know much more about Hungarian than I. But with 
demonstratives, I can imagine, it is rather difficult to get a clearly 
non-referential context.

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