paper on agentive nominalizations

Mark Baker mabaker at RUCCS.RUTGERS.EDU
Fri Aug 15 18:51:12 UTC 2008

Dear Typologists,

A little while back, you may remember that I posted an inquiry about
languages in which agentive nominalizations may or may not have the same
kinds of verbal properties that event-denoting nominalizations are known
to have (in some languages).  I received from you all some valuable
suggestions and leads.  My co-author (Nadya Vinokurova) and I have now
finished (for the time being) our paper on this topic.  If anyone is
curious about what use we made of your good suggestions, it is posted on
my website (
At the end of the paper, there is a modest 34-language survey about
agent-denoting expressions in the world.

And if anyone wants to pass on any comments, we would welcome them.

Mark Baker

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