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Dear list members,

I am forwarding this mail on behalf of a student here in Osnabrueck.
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Dear List

I'm currently working at the semantics of adjectives
for my Master's thesis at the University of Osnabrück (Germany) and for
my subsequent PhD research. Within this work, I'm especially interested
in the semantics of gradable adjectives and, more generally, of
gradable predicates. In this connection, very important is the fact
that there are languages (like Finnish, for instance), in which not
only predicates expressed by adjectives can be graded, but also those
expressed by nouns. Can anybody help me in my literature search
concerning gradability of nouns in Finnish and, furthermore, point out
other languages, which allow for noun gradability? Any help will be
gratefully received at "saschaalexejenko AT yahoo.de".

Thank you in advance
Best regards
Sascha Alexejenko

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