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Brill's Studies in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas


Brill's Studies in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas (issn 1876 - 5580) is a brand new peer-reviewed international forum for scholarly studies on the indigenous languages of South, Central and North America. Its emphasis is on descriptive and analytical work, and includes handbooks, language surveys, descriptive grammars and theoretical, historical, areal and typological monographs.


Call for proposals and manuscripts


Series Editors:                       David Beck (University of Alberta)

                                               Mily Crevels (Radboud University Nijmegen)

                                               Hein van der Voort (Radboud University Nijmegen)

                                               Roberto Zavala (CIESAS-Sureste)   


Editorial board:                      Peter Bakker (Aarhus University)

                                               Nora England (University of Texas at Austin)

                                               Ana Fernández Garay (Universidad Nacional de La Pampa)

                                               Michael Fortescue (University of Copenhagen)

                                               Victor Golla (Humboldt State University)

                                               Pieter Muysken (Radboud University Nijmegen)

                                               Enrique Palancar (Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro)

                                               Keren Rice (University of Toronto)

                                               Frank Seifart (University of Regensburg) 

                                               Leo Wetzels (CNRS/Sorbonne-Nouvelle, VU Amsterdam)


Aims and Scope

This peer-reviewed book series offers an international forum for high-quality scholarly studies on the indigenous languages of South, Central and North America, including the Arctic. The publications in this series will concern both descriptive and analytical work on American indigenous languages, including handbooks, language surveys, grammatical descriptions, theoretical, historical, areal and typological monographs or particularly well-organized edited volumes with a central theme. Even though the scope of the series is international, authors are encouraged to write in English to maximize readership. We expect to publish four new volumes per year in this series. 


Readership: The core target of the series consists of Americanists, typologists,  theoretical linguists and general linguists. In addition, the series aims at scholars in related disciplines, such as anthropologists, archaeologists, ethnobiologists, historians and geneticists.


For enquiries or to submit a manuscript proposal, please contact:


Series Editors:                                                 Editor Language & Linguistics


Mily Crevels / Hein van der Voort                   Liesbeth Kanis

Radboud University Nijmegen                          BRILL

Department of Linguistics                                 P.O. Box 9000

P.O. Box 9103                                                  2300 PA Leiden

6500 HD Nijmegen                                          The Netherlands

The Netherlands 

m.crevels at / hvoort at            kanis at


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