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Tue Jun 3 21:02:02 UTC 2008

Dear all,

this is to let you know about a project which may be of use to typologists:

Eastern Armenian National Corpus is an electronic corpus of the Modern
Eastern Armenian with almost 90 mln word tokens from the mid-19th century to
the present and over 1,5 mln tokens of modern oral discourse. It has a
flexible search functionality and allows investigating the usage of
grammatical categories and building user's subcorpora.

This project might prove useful not only to experts in Armenian linguistics
but to general typologists as well, as the Corpus features English
translation equivalents for most tokens (displayed in a pop-up window on
mouseover). Also, one of the display formats is close to interlinear glosses
- wordforms are supplied with lemmas, lexical and grammatical categories,
and translations, vertically aligned below each wordform. It is not
necessary to use Armenian alphabet to input queries or to read the results -
they may be displayed in the traditional Latin transliteration.

To search for gram categories, click Gram & Attributes link.

To display a wordform's analysis and translation (when available), put the
mouse pointer on any wordform in the context.

To see query results in 'glossed' format, go to Display Options > Output
Layout and choose "glossed".

To switch from Armenian alphabet to Latin transliteration, go to Display
Option > Output Characters and choose "transliteration"

We hope this resource may be useful for your typological research,

on behalf of the EANC team including Victoria Khurshudyan, Dmitri Levonian,
Vladimir Plungian, Alex Polyakov, Sergey Rubakov, and myself

Michael Daniel
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