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M.M.Jocelyne Fernandez-Vest m.m.jocelyne.fernandez-vest at VJF.CNRS.FR
Thu Nov 20 20:40:53 UTC 2008

Edith Moravcsik a écrit :
> /The Editors are pleased to introduce a new international online 
> linguistic journal, e-Uralic, focusing on Uralic languages. In 
> launching a new journal the main motivating factor was the recognition 
> of the need to document and distribute reliable and up-to-date 
> research material on Uralic languages, many of which are endangered. 
> In order to guarantee the publication of high quality linguistic 
> research, all articles published in e-Uralic will go through peer 
> review, and they will also be open to comments from the readers, 
> taking full advantage of electronic publication. A third, and equally 
> important objective is to make the articles as widely accessible as 
> possible, therefore the language of the journal is English, and all 
> articles will be available free of charge. /
> /The journal accepts research articles on any subfield of linguistics 
> that focus (exclusively or predominantly) on one or more languages of 
> the Uralic family; submission of papers on the endangered Uralic 
> languages (that are spoken by smaller communities and are 
> underrepresented in linguistic research) is especially encouraged, but 
> studies concerning Estonian, Finnish or Hungarian are also welcome. 
> e-Uralic also publishes notices and reviews on monographs that focus 
> on Uralic languages, as well as on other linguistic monographs 
> discussed from the point of view of relevance to Uralic languages. For 
> more information, please visit the site of the journal:/
> /We are looking forward to recieving manuscripts; besides, any 
> comments and suggestions are welcome./
Dear colleague,

Thank you for this interesting announcement.

Unfortunately, I could not find any information about the site ot the 
e-Uralic in your message.
Is it yet open, or under construction?



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