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The Editors are pleased to introduce a new international online linguistic journal, e-Uralic, focusing on Uralic languages. In launching a new journal the main motivating factor was the recognition of the need to document and distribute reliable and up-to-date research material on Uralic languages, many of which are endangered. In order to guarantee the publication of high quality linguistic research, all articles published in e-Uralic will go through peer review, and they will also be open to comments from the readers, taking full advantage of electronic publication. A third, and equally important objective is to make the articles as widely accessible as possible, therefore the language of the journal is English, and all articles will be available free of charge. 

The journal accepts research articles on any subfield of linguistics that focus (exclusively or predominantly) on one or more languages of the Uralic family; submission of papers on the endangered Uralic languages (that are spoken by smaller communities and are underrepresented in linguistic research) is especially encouraged, but studies concerning Estonian, Finnish or Hungarian are also welcome. e-Uralic also publishes notices and reviews on monographs that focus on Uralic languages, as well as on other linguistic monographs discussed from the point of view of relevance to Uralic languages. For more information, please visit the site of the journal: 

We are looking forward to recieving manuscripts; besides, any comments and suggestions are welcome. 

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