we killed the sensation that Bahtin wrote it UNDER A MASK.

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Tue Sep 23 10:54:51 UTC 2008

try Shakespeare


>Dear LinguistList members, another sensation which can kill the 
>previous sensation that Bahtin (wrongly Bakhtin) wrote Medvedev's 
>"Formal'nyj method..."(Formal Method). Our statistical 
>investigations based on the frequency of occurrence of prepositions 
>showed by Chi-sqare test that Bahtin did not write it. We also 
>proved that Voloshinov did not write this conrovercial Medvedev's 
>text. We cannot prove that it was written by Medvedev because we 
>have no other Madvedev's texts. We are sorry that we killed the 
>sensation that Bahtin wrote it UNDER A MASK. If we receive some more 
>Medvedev's texts, we can prove that it was written by Medvedev. Now 
>the conclusion is that neither Bahtin, nor Voloshinov wrote it. How 
>ever, as we wrote in our previous article published in the 
>California Linguistic Notes, Tolstoy wrote Tolstoy's texts, 
>Dostoevskiy wrote Dostoevskiy's and so on. We analysed about thirty 
>Russian writers. They all showed their own authorship. We are 
>looking forward to your commentaries about that to 
><mailto:yutamb at mail.ru>yutamb at mail.ru . Yours sincerely as ever Yuri 
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