we killed the sensation that Bahtin wrote it UNDER A MASK.

Yuri Tambovtsev yutamb at MAIL.RU
Tue Sep 23 10:03:54 UTC 2008

Dear LinguistList members, another sensation which can kill the previous sensation that Bahtin (wrongly Bakhtin) wrote Medvedev's "Formal'nyj method..."(Formal Method). Our statistical investigations based on the frequency of occurrence of prepositions showed by Chi-sqare test that Bahtin did not write it. We also proved that Voloshinov did not write this conrovercial Medvedev's text. We cannot prove that it was written by Medvedev because we have no other Madvedev's texts. We are sorry that we killed the sensation that Bahtin wrote it UNDER A MASK. If we receive some more Medvedev's texts, we can prove that it was written by Medvedev. Now the conclusion is that neither Bahtin, nor Voloshinov wrote it. How ever, as we wrote in our previous article published in the California Linguistic Notes, Tolstoy wrote Tolstoy's texts, Dostoevskiy wrote Dostoevskiy's and so on. We analysed about thirty Russian writers. They all showed their own authorship. We are looking forward to your commentaries about that to yutamb at mail.ru . Yours sincerely as ever Yuri Tambovtsev
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