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claude-hagege claude-hagege at WANADOO.FR
Fri Sep 26 12:15:28 UTC 2008

My choices:

a)  1 a: Europe, North America + South America

b)  2 a: every two years

c)  3 b: Honkong, mid-october.

All best

Claude Hagège

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From: "Annie Montaut" <montaut at EHESS.FR>
Sent: Thursday, September 25, 2008 6:02 PM
Subject: Re: ALT membership poll

>>     Dear ALT members,
>>     The executive committee is currently discussing ALT policy with
>>     respect to conference planning, and before making any decisions it
>>     would like to find out what the views of the membership are. So
>>     far, ALT has operated on a two-year cycle, with venues alternating
>>     between Europe and another location, usually North America and in
>>     one case Asia (Padang).
>>     The executive committee has been discussing the pros and cons of
>>     this tradition, and would like to give ALT members the opportunity
>>     to express their preference on two questions: the alternation
>>     between conference venues and the frequency of conferences.
>>     Would you like
>>     1. the location of the conference to alternate between
>>         a) Europe, (North) America and Other
>>         b) _**/Europe and Other/* *_
>>     2. the conference to be held
>>         a) **/_every two years_/* *
>>         b) every year
>>     Independently from the questions pertaining to post-2011 policy,
>>     the executive committee would also like to have an idea of how
>>     members feel about the venue for ALT's conference in 2011.  We're
>>     in the luxurious position of having four very good offers to host
>>     this conference. One of the many considerations in choosing
>>     between them is how many ALT members would have an opportunity to
>>     attend. So, without prejudging the decision, the executive
>>     committee would like you to indicate
>>     3. if you would firmly plan to attend the ALT conference if held at:
>>         a) Dartmouth (Hanover, NH, USA; late August, early September)
>>         b) Hong Kong (mid June, mid October, mid August)
>>         c) */_Leipzig _/*(/*_late August*/ or// early September/*_*/)
>>         d) Oxford (August)
>>     ALT members can express their preference by replying to this
>>     e-mail, choosing from the following options:
>>     *1b
>>     2a
>>      3c
>>     *
>>     The deadline for sending your response is October 15th. Thank you
>>     for your cooperation!
>>     On behalf of the executive committee,
>>     Jean-Christophe Verstraete (secretary-treasurer)

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