summary: Humorous Antonymic Nicknames

ludwig.paul at UNI-HAMBURG.DE ludwig.paul at UNI-HAMBURG.DE
Tue Dec 1 13:27:19 UTC 2009

Dear David,

another example. My wife (who is from Bosnia) told me that in her childhood, there 
was a fat person whom the children in her street called "kosco" (with long o, a 
hachek on the s and an accent on the c, i.e. kooshcho) which means "bony" (this is a 
word made-up by the children, derived from kost "bone", which is not likely to be 
found in dictionaries).

In sum, you may add Bosnian(-Serbian-Croatian) to your list. I can hardly believe, by 
the way, that there are languages where this kind ot humorous antonymic nicknames 
would be outright  IMPOSSIBLE. But certainly this needs further study.

All best,
Ludwig Paul
Hamburg, Iranistik

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