it is impossible to sell any books on linguistics.

Harald Hammarström harald at BOMBO.SE
Tue Dec 8 14:54:04 UTC 2009

Dear Yuri,
All the books sold out within hours. Most books could have sold
a handful of times over. Reh's Krongo grammar, Sasha's 
classifiers book and the WALS were requested over ten times each
(authors of these should be proud). all the best, H

On Wed, 13 Apr 2005, Yuri Tambovtsev wrote:

> Dear Harald, You posted an advertisement that you want to sell 
> linguistic books. What I say is: it is impossible to sell any books on 
> linguistics. I tried to sell my linguistic books for low prices three 
> years ago. Nobody wanted to buy them. I have more than 5000 books and 
> have no places on my book shelves. So, my family demanded that I should 
> sell them. Then I proposed to linguists to take them free of charge. 
> Many linguists sent me their address, so that I should pay my postage. 
> Surely, I could not do that. I would be surprised to hear if you sell 
> any books. Looking forward to hearing from you soon to yutamb at 
> With the best wishes for your book sale Yuri Tambovtsev

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