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Thu Dec 17 08:49:24 UTC 2009

Dear Wolfgang,

in Russian you can say, translating the first example of yours:

*Mit ihm haben wir ein-en Freund verloren.
*with  he:DAT have:PRES:1PL we INDEF-MASC:ACC friend lose:PPP

*В нем* мы потеряли друга
in   he:DAT  we  lose:PAST:1PL  friend:MASC:ACC

As you see, it is the preposition "in", not "with", that we use in Russian.
But then I must say exactly the same thing that Denis has just said: this
construction seems natural only for the first two examples. In the other
cases, other means of expressing this kind of relation should be resorted

Best wishes,
Anna Filippova
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