Caucasian Albanian Texts and Grammar (Palimpsest edition)

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Dear Typologists,
this is just to inform you that the full edition (/*editio princeps*/) 
of the so-called Caucasian Albanian Palimpsests (6th-7th century AD) is 
now available from the publisher (Bérepols, Turnhout, Belgium). See the 
Brépols page, go to 
'search screen' and type in (author): 'Gippert' or 'Schulze'.

Perhaps, the part of the edition that will interest typologists most is 
the grammar section. People working on the comparative lexicon of East 
Caucasian will hopefully enjoy the full index of Caucasian Albanian 
terms (with etymological and grammatical notes, translation into 
English, Georgian, Armenian, Russian and (if given) Udi, plus 
concordances etc.). Finally, the facsimile and transcript of the 
Palimpsest texts  [Gospel of John, Lectionary texts, with parallels in 
Greek, Georgian, Armenian, Russia, English, Syriac, and Udi) might be of 
interest for people working on the historical syntax (Caucasian Albanian 
-> Udi), on philological issues and early Transcaucasian Christianity. 
The edition also entails much information about the historical setting 
of Caucasian Albania(n), the historical and areal aspects of the 
language, the Caucasian Albanian alphabet/script, and a new 
interpretation of the other remnants of Caucasian Albanian 
(inscriptions). Please contact me to obtain a full table of contents.

The relatively high price of the two volumes is due to the fact that the 
books include photographies of all single pages of the Palimpsests (r144 
b/w +37 colour) as well as to the size of the books (XXIV+530 pages; 
format: 30,5 x 44 cm).

The authors hope that this first edition of the Caucasian Albanian 
Palimpsests will lay the ground for a better understanding of the 
linguistics and culture of the so-called third Christian kingdom in 
Early Medieval Transcaucasus as well as of the history of East Caucasian 

Very best wishes,


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