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Hannu Tommola Hannu.Tommola at UTA.FI
Thu Nov 26 14:46:08 UTC 2009

How is it with Boris Uspensky's hero, the boy Fedja called 'Djadja  
Fjodor' (Uncle Fedor)? Personenvertauschung, perhaps.

Hannu Tommola

Quoting Frans Plank <frans.plank at UNI-KONSTANZ.DE>:

> come to think of it, you might also include address inversion under   
> this general sort of rubric -- though it's certainly not sarcastic  
> (is  it ironic?):  like when a grandparent addresses a grandchild as  
>  '(little) grandparent' (grandpa, granny), or an uncle addresses a   
> nephew as '(little) uncle'.
> Leo Spitzer had a paper on this, Ueber Personenvertauschung in der   
> Ammensprache (1920ies).  More recently, Winfried Boeder looked at  
> this  as an areal phenomenon, I believe:  but you'll have to ask him  
> for  details himself.
> Frans
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