Professorship in Phonetics at the Department of Linguistics. Reference number SU 611-2353-09. Deadline for applications: November 30, 2009.

Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm tamm at LING.SU.SE
Wed Oct 28 13:59:56 UTC 2009

Professorship in Phonetics at the Department of Linguistics. Reference 
number SU 611-2353-09. Deadline for applications: November 30, 2009.

The Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University has opened a call 
for a Professor in Phonetics, with special focus on Experimental Phonetics.

The Phonetics Laboratory of the Department of Linguistics is 
experimentally oriented, in particular in the areas of language 
acquisition, speech perception and acoustic phonetics. To widen the 
scope of its current research in Phonetics, the Department of 
Linguistics seeks a professor in Phonetics with documented interest in 
experimental research in the areas of Speech Physiology and Speech 
Production as well as with the capacity to integrate the Phonetic 
research in a broad biological and general Phonetics perspective.

Job description
In addition to own research, the candidate is also expected to supervise 
students and to teach courses, in particular at the post-graduate and 
advanced levels. The candidate must also be prepared to participate in 
the Departments’ research and to initiate, organize and direct research 
projects. As professor, the candidate is expected to initiate and 
maintain research contacts with other Departments, both within Stockholm 
University and from other national or foreign Universities and High 
Schools, as well as to take leadership assignments within Stockholm 
University’s Department of Linguistics, including the associated 
administrative tasks.

To qualify for this professor position the candidate must have 
documented scientific and pedagogical merits (4 kap 5 § HF). The 
candidate’s scientific merits must be significantly higher than what is 
required for an associate professor.

The primary evaluation criterion will be the quality of the candidate’s 
scientific research. Scientific production in the areas of speech 
physiology and speech production are of high relevance for the 
evaluation of the candidate’s scientific profile. Documented experience 
of successful grant applications to external funding agencies as well as 
scientific breadth and team work are important evaluation aspects. 
Particular attention will be paid to the candidate’s pedagogical skills. 
Also the candidate’s administrative skills and ability to interact with 
the public and representing the Department’s research and developmental 
work will be taken into account.

The application must comply with the guidelines published in The candidate is encouraged to read the 
document “Meritering för anställning som lärare” (Evaluation criteria 
for teaching jobs), posted at the web-address above. Please note that no 
more than 10 scientific publications/documents are allowed as 
attachments to the application.

Non-Swedish speaking applicants are expected to learn Swedish if 
selected for this professorship.

For further information, please contact Francisco Lacerda, Professor in 
Phonetics, frasse at

Union representatives are Bo Ekengren (SACO), Lisbeth Häggberg 
(Fackförbundet ST), telephone +46-(0)8-16 2000 (switchboard), and Gunnar 
Stenberg (SEKO), telephone +46-(0)70-316 43 41.

Please send your application marked with the reference number SU 
611-2353-09 no later than November 30, 2009, to:
Stockholm University
The Registrar/PÄ

or by e-mail to: registrator at

Prof. Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm
Inst. för lingvistik, Stockholms universitet			
106 91 Stockholm, Sverige
tel. +46-(0)8-16 26 20

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