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Call for papers Workshop on Referential Hierarchies in Three-participant

20-22 May 2011, Lancaster University, UK

Organizers: Anna Siewierska & Eva van Lier

Keynote speakers: Dr. Andrej Malchukov (MPI EVA, Leipzig) and Professor
Beth Levin (Stanford University)

Meeting description

The workshop is part of the EuroBABEL project on Referential Hierarchies
in Morphosyntax. It aims at bringing together language(-family)
specialists and typologists. 

Papers should focus on the effects of referential factors - such as
animacy, information structure, definiteness, anaphoricity (pronoun vs.
noun), person, and number - on the expression of three-participant
events in one or more languages.

Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to):

-          Three-participant constructions that deviate from the
prototypical 'give'  type, in terms of the referential properties of the
participants and/or in terms of the lexical verb(s) involved;

-          The interaction between the referential properties of
multiple (i.e. two or three) participants;

-          The interaction between the effects of referential properties
of participants on the one hand, and lexical semantics of verb classes
or individual verbs on the other hand;

-          The interaction between the effects of referential factors on
intransitive and transitive constructions on the one hand, and on
ditransitive constructions on the other hand;

-          Differences between the effects of referential factors on
different types of marking: word order, agreement, direction marking,
and/or case and adpositional marking;

-          Referential effects in derived three-participant
constructions (as opposed to non-derived ones);

-          Frequency data obtained from corpora of spoken and/or written

-          The effects of language contact and language change on the
above phenomena.

Abstract submission

We invite abstracts for 20 minute papers. Abstracts should be maximum
500 words, excluding title, references, and examples. Abstracts should
be anonymous, and should be attached in Word and PDF format to an e-mail
specifying author(s) name(s) and affiliation(s), abstract title, and
contact information, and be sent to e.vanlier at Deadline
for submission is 15 December 2010. Notification of acceptance will be
sent out before February 1st 2011.

For further information, please contact Eva van Lier:
e.vanlier at


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