Antipassives without overt expression of O

Stefanie Fauconnier stefanie.fauconnier at ARTS.KULEUVEN.BE
Tue Dec 20 16:54:43 UTC 2011

I see that I forgot to mention that I am looking for examples that are 
not mentioned in Maria Polinsky's WALS chapter 


On 20-12-11 17:46, Stefanie Fauconnier wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> I am looking for examples of antipassive constructions where it is
> syntactically impossible to overtly express the original O argument as
> an oblique-marked adjunct.
> In the following example from Tzutujil, the transitive verb has
> antipassive marking. Normally, this verb takes an A and an O argument,
> but in this construction it appears that only the A can be mentioned
> (Dayley 1985:346).
> Jaa7 ma xa ko7 nchapooni
> 3SG  a lot     scolds/grabs.ANTIP
> 'He scolds/grabs a lot'
> The reverse phenomenon appears to be well attested: it is not very
> difficult to find examples of passives that do not allow overt
> expression of the A. It is my impression that this is not the case for
> antipassives. In fact, Tzutujil is the only example I know of. Of course
> this impression might be wrong, so if anyone has other examples I would
> like to hear about them.
> Best wishes,
> Stefanie Fauconnier
> University of Leuven

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