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Fri Jun 17 14:39:30 UTC 2011

Coming in July, with some delay due to technical problems
(to be honest:  due to a momentary dearth of publishable material)

But after want follows plenty:  with LT 15(1) we're catching up, and  
with an especially rich and spicy LT 15(2) out in August/September  
we'll be back on course.

Do continue to submit aplenty:  fast turnaround, copious feedback, and  
an audience hungry for quality instruction and entertainment  
guaranteed.  Sadly, acceptance can't be guaranteed, but isn't ruled  
out either.


LT 15(1) 2011



Nikolaus Himmelmann, with Sonia Cristofaro, Nicholas R. Evans, Birgit  
Hellwig, Randy LaPolla, and Hein van der Voort

The Georg von der Gabelentz Award 2009

Carol Genetti

The tapestry of Dolakha Newar: Chaining, embedding, and the complexity  
of sentences

Simeon Floyd

Re-discovering the Quechua adjective

Christine Beier, Cynthia Hansen, I-wen Lai, and Lev Michael

Exploiting word order to express an inflectional category: Reality  
status in Iquito

Mark Donohue and Bronwen Whiting

Quantifying areality: A study of prenasalisation in Southeast Asia and  
New Guinea

Book Reviews

Silvia Luraghi

The locative syntax of experiencers, by Idan Landau

Uta Reinöhl and Nikolaus P. Himmelmann

Secondary predicates in Eastern European languages and beyond, edited  
by Christoph Schroeder, Gerd Hentschel, and Winfried Boeder

Francesco Gardani

A typology of verbal borrowings, by Jan Wohlgemuth 
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