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On February 9 & 11, 2012, Vienna University of Economics and Business will host a two–day workshop "Borrowed Morphology: Form and Meaning", as a related event of the 15th International Morphology Meeting (IMM15, 

The impact of language contact on grammatical structure has become a widely discussed topic in theoretical linguistics of the last decade, cf. such contributions as Dahl & Koptjevskaja-Tamm (eds.) 2001, Heine & Kuteva 2005, Aikhenvald & Dixon (eds.) 2007, Matras & Sakel (eds.) 2007, Gardani 2008 etc. Borrowing of grammatical, in particular, of morphological entities, has been the focus of the last two publications, but still remains rather understudied. 

Abstracts for 20 minute talks (plus 10 minute discussion) will be considered on topics relating to the study of morphological borrowing in the languages of the world from different theoretical perspectives. The workshop will focus on borrowed morphology (both inflectional and derivational) and the ways nativizing it across languages. We do not limit our topic just to the instances of material borrowing (i.e. transfer of a particular morpheme together with its phonological shape from the source language to the target language), but are also going to discuss borrowing of functions, i.e. instances of polysemy replication. Contributions on multilingual communities as well as works on creative use of multilingual repertoire in the speech of individual speakers are equally welcome.

Aikhenvald, Alexandra & R.M.W. Dixon (eds.) 2007. Grammars in Contact. A Cross-Linguistic Typology. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 
Dahl, Östen & Maria Koptjevskaja-Tamm (eds.) 2001. The Circum-Baltic Languages. Typology and Contact. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 
Gardani, Francesco. 2008. Borrowing of Inflectional Morphemes in Language Contact. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. 
Heine, Bernd & Tanja Kuteva. 2005. Language Contact and Grammatical Change. Cambridge: Cambridge Univeristy Press. 
Matras, Yaron & Jeanette Sakel (eds.) 2007. Grammatical Borrowing in Cross-Linguistic Perspective. Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter.

Invited Speakers
Thomas Stolz, University of Bremen
Björn Wiemer, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Important dates:
Abstract submission	September 5, 2011
Notification	October 31, 2011
Workshop	February 9 and 11, 2012

Nino Amiridze, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, Utrecht University
Peter Arkadiev, Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Yasuhiro Kojima, Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Workshop website:

Workshop email: Borrowed.Morphology2012 at

Submissions are limited to one single-authored and one co-authored talk. Abstracts (in English, maximum 2 pages, including data and references) have to be submitted electronically as portable document format (.pdf) or Microsoft Word (.doc) files via the EasyChair conference management system: 
If you do not have an EasyChair account, click on the link "sign up for an account" ( on that page and follow the instructions. When you receive a password, you can enter the site and upload your abstract.

We are looking forward to your submissions!

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