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We are happy to announce the publication of Baltic Linguistics, vol. 2. 

Baltic Linguistics is heading to become the leading journal for theoretically and typologically
informed research into the Baltic languages. It is a peer-reviewed journal publishing only
contributions in international languages (preferably English, but also German, French and
Russian) meeting requirements of quality, theoretical interest and width of scope. Vol. 2 has been
sent to the printer and is due to appear in December 2011.

We now invite contributions for vol. 3 (2011). 
The deadline for articles is February 28, 2012.
Manuscripts conforming to the guidelines laid down in the Instructions for Authors
( should be sent the the manager editor 
Axel Holvoet (axel.holvoet at 
Proposals for book reviews should be sent to the review editor
Peter M. Arkadiev (alpgurev at The deadline for reviews is June 30.
Looking forward to your contributions,

The Editors

Editorial team:
Editor in chief Jadwiga Linde-Usiekniewicz
Managing editor Axel Holvoet
Review editor Peter M. Akradiev
Editorial secretary Agnieszka Rembiałkowska
University of Warsaw, Faculty of Polish Studies, KJOWPiB
Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, PL-09127 Warsaw
e-mail: kjob.polon at, axel.holvoet at

Baltic Linguistics can be obtained from 

Księgarnia Uniwersytecka LIBER
ul. Dobra 56/66, 00-312 Warszawa 

Please send your orders to
Rafał Szczechura
rafal at

The price per volume is EUR 28 (VAT included) plus postage. 

VOL. 2 (2011)

Cori Anderson (Princeton), Case theory and case alternations: Evidence from Lithuanian 9
Peter M. Arkadiev (Moscow), On the aspectual uses of the prefix be- in Lithuanian 37
Axel Holvoet (Warsaw), Beyond external possession: Genitive and dative with locational nouns in Latvian 79
Kirill Kozhanov (Moscow), Notes on the use of Lithuanian indefinite pronouns 109
Nicole Nau (Poznań), Declension classes in Latvian and Latgalian: Morphomics vs. morphophonology 141

Judita Giparaitė, The Non-Verbal Type of Small Clauses in English and Lithuanian, reviewed by Peter M. Arkadiev 181
Terje Matthiassen, Old Prussian, reviewed by Daniel Petit 192
Nicole Nau & Norbert Ostrowski, eds., Particles and Connectives in Baltic, reviewed by Bert Cornillie 195
Daniel Petit, Untersuchungen zu den baltischen Sprachen, reviewed by Rick Derksen 203

Peter Arkadiev, PhD
Institute of Slavic Studies
Russian Academy of Sciences 
Leninsky prospekt 32-A 119334 Moscow
peterarkadiev at
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