Mouton "discounts" for ALT members

Alexander Bochkov bochkov at HAWAII.EDU
Fri Nov 11 16:44:13 UTC 2011

Dr. Croft,

I know that this is not a permanent solution but is your library currently
subscribed to de Gruyter's Reference Global (full access available to
institutions only)? Mouton grammars are
available there. It's not clear from the website what the current
subscription fee is.

Incidentally, I am already saving up money to buy your forthcoming
book, *Verbs:
Aspect and Causal Structure*, at OUP. OUP offers it at $160.00 (I know it's
not your fault) whereas on Amazon it is slightly cheaper.

On Fri, Nov 11, 2011 at 7:27 AM, Bill Croft <wcroft at> wrote:

> I see that my initial message has prompted a number of responses on
> various topics that were connected to that message, but not directly
> addressing the issue that I originally raised. That issue was that Mouton
> is no longer offering a discount to INDIVIDUALS that put their grammars in
> reach, at least for employed academics at universities in developed
> countries. My point remains that Mouton's new policy is putting their books
> out of reach of individuals, and that Mouton will actually lose more money
> (by not selling those volumes at all) than it would lose if it kept the 50%
> discount (in which case they would at least earn money from individual
> ALT/SSILA members who bought the books - the numbers of which are so small
> it's not like they would have to do a money-losing print run to sell copies
> to individuals).
> I also raised the issue that the high list price of Mouton grammars means
> that many universities cannot afford to buy them either. For a small, poor
> regional university like the University of New Mexico, it is difficult to
> justify spending a large part of the linguistics library budget on a
> grammar of a Papuan or an African language. So I am willing to buy such a
> grammar for myself - if I can afford to. But I no longer can, from Mouton
> at any rate.
> This is not to deny that the issues subsequently raised - how for-profit
> publishers function as the gatekeepers for the dissemination of scholarly
> knowledge, accessibility of scholarly research in poorer countries and to
> the native speaker communities, print vs electronic resources, and so on -
> are important ones. Mouton's former policy for ALT/SSILA members made a
> small contribution in addressing some of these problems, and was quite
> laudable. Their new policy is a step backwards that is deplorable in my
> opinion.
> Best wishes,
> Bill

Alexander Bochkov
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