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Hurch, Bernhard ( bernhard.hurch at UNI-GRAZ.AT
Mon Nov 14 15:02:01 UTC 2011

Dear all,

ALT should maybe consider to include research on discourse types among the proper topics. Discourse types on the ALT-list. E.g., the 'anti-bashing' discourse usually intends to block otherwise justified critical discussions. Once more, this seems to have worked on the list.
But contrary to Frans, I do agree with Martin that the metaphor of the Champions League is accurate. Even more, it is revealing. "We are the champions" is part of the wording of the the anthem of the Champions League. Some people are convinced about this. We thought that Nebrija was dead. But Eurocentrism in linguistics is obviously standing up - or was never dead. It is not European languages any more, but European thinking on (non-European)  languages which governs the market. European typology, professional societies in linguistics and journals are mostly governed by Departments of English.
That soccer-type of thinking is problematic, but real. Just read the Neymar-interview, after refusing to accept contracts with Real Madrid and Barcelona. The share-holder argument is somewhat hypocritical, the difference is only gradual. Berlusconi was one of the first to buy a complete soccer brand, he own Fininvest himself. Hopefully efforts of training indigenous linguists (like Roberto Zavala undertakes them in Mexico) will be successful, and Neymars will also enter linguistics.
Or should there be re-introduced the role of the 'Hofneger' in bigger research institutions?

By the way, a last point. In Latin there were different words / concepts for what we call authority, whether it was natural/intellectual, or by power, and even within power there was a difference between potestas and imperium. The point that these words merged is part of the game, namely that people who have potestas think that they have authority. There must be linguists (partly they are excellent linguists) collaborating with share-holder (and non) publishers, as well as with rating agencies, some of them are 'multifuncionarios' and do both, edit journals and rate themselves. 

It is true, Austria's soccer is too bad for participating in the Champions League. 

Bernhard Hurch

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