Call for papers: Ninth Creolistics Workshop (Aarhus, Denmark)

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Call for papers

Ninth Creolistics Workshop
Aarhus University
Aarhus, Denmark
April 11 - 13, 2012

Contact languages in a global context: past and present

International conference on contact languages, including, but not limited to
pidgins, creoles, mixed languages, converted languages, and multi-ethnolects.
This meeting was previously held at Westminster and Giessen. The Second
Aarhus University Symposium on Connections between Second Language
Acquisition and Contact Language Development will be held in conjunction
with CW9.

Aarhus University is easily accessible from nearby airports. Ryanair
offers exceptionally inexpensive flights between various European cities
and nearby Billund, as well as inexpensive flights between London and
Aarhus airport. Aarhus is also easily accessible by train and bus from
Copenhagen and from northern Germany.

Nightlife in Aarhus features a steady stream of musical performances from
cultures around the world, and music will be a feature of the conference

The conference organizers are Peter Bakker, Aymeric Daval-Markussen and
Peter Slomanson.

Call for Papers:

We encourage abstract submissions on any topic pertaining to pidgins,
creoles, mixed languages, converted languages, multi-ethnolects, or other
contact language types. We are particularly interested in work involving
cross-linguistic comparisons and findings that generalize to classes of

Presentations dealing with syntax, morphology, phonology, semantics, and
pragmatics are all welcome. As in the past, it is expected that these will
be based on empirical data (which may include native speaker judgments).
Diachronic work involving the reconstruction of earlier stages, based on
cross-linguistic comparison of synchronic data and on socio-historical
factors, will be quite welcome, as will sociolinguistic work focusing on
synchronic variation.

We welcome all perspectives with respect to the question of the status of
creoles and other contact languages as a typological class, and with
respect to structural complexity. Similarly, we are interested in a range
of approaches to grammatical analysis, and will not favor a specific
formalism or theoretical position.

We will also be holding the Second Aarhus University Symposium on
Connections between Second Language Acquisition and Contact Language
Development, as an associated event, and encourage submissions
specifically intended for that forum.

The working language of the conference is English. Papers on the
restructuring of a Nordic language or on language contact in the Nordic
countries, the Baltic countries and/or Greenland are particularly

Paper presentations will last half an hour, with ten minutes for questions
and discussion.

We plan to conclude the conference with a meeting from the conference
and symposium.

The deadline for abstract submission is 15 December 2011.

Your abstract, to be e-mailed as a Word attachment to
creolistics9 at, should contain a maximum of 350 words
(including the title and any references). The subject line should read
"abstract submission to general conference" or "abstract submission to
symposium" in the subject line of your e-mail message. Please include your
name and current academic affiliation in the body of the e-mail message,
but not in your abstract.

Notification of acceptance will be sent by 27 January 2012.

Conference website

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