Kentucky Master's in Linguistic Theory & Typology (MALTT)

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[On behalf of Andrew Hippisley, University of Kentucky]

The Linguistics Program at the University of Kentucky is offering a new
Master's in Linguistic Theory & Typology (MALTT), starting August 2012
(subject to Senate approval).  MALTT offers training in theoretical
frameworks for approaching descriptive and sociolinguistic data with a
special focus on how grammatical features are distributed across the world¹s
languages. Emphasis is given to language modeling through computational and
quantitative methods. As well as providing invaluable intellectual
preparation for doctoral studies in linguistics, the MALTT program prepares
students for careers in high-tech industry, text-based consultancies in law
and medicine, and jobs in government agencies.  Students with degrees from
European universities are particulalrly  encouraged to apply, deadline 15
March 2012.  Please apply through the Linguistics Program at

Various funding opportunities and graduate teaching assistantships
(compensation plus fee waiver) are available to qualified students.

?    The MALTT degree emphasizes both linguistic theory, whose aim is to
increase our knowledge about the fundamental nature of human language, and
typology, the study of the domains of similarity among languages and the
dimensions and degrees of their differences
?    Students of MALTT are trained in formal and computational methods in
the analysis of linguistic data, important transferable skills and fast
becoming a standard expectation in any program of linguistic research
?    MALTT offers specializations in morphosyntax and sociolinguistics
?    Students have opportunities to participate in faculty research projects
involving a range of languages, including K¹iche¹ Maya, Eastern Iranian,
Slavic, Sanskrit, Appalachian English, and others

The University of Kentucky is a public land grant
university dedicated to improving people's lives through excellence in
education, research, creative work, service and health care.  It is
Kentucky's flagship institution, and is situated in Lexington, horse capital
of the world. Complete with a thriving arts and music scene, rich food
culture, and storied sporting history, Lexington is  a great college town.

Inquiries to Andrew Hippisley, Linguistics Program Director,
andrew.hippisley at<mailto:andrew.hippisley at>

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