call for abstracts: Syntax of the World's Languages 5 (Dubrovnik, October 1-4)

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Fri Jan 27 07:20:12 UTC 2012

Posted on behalf of Ranko Matasovic':

Dear list members, this is to remind you that the conference "Syntax of 
the World's Languages 5" will be held in Dubrovnik (Croatia) from 
October 1 until October 4, 2012. Abstracts of no more than one page 
(plus possibly one additional page for examples), should be sent in PDF 
format to Ranko Matasovic' (rmatasov at <mailto:rmatasov at>) 
and Tena Gnjatovic' (tena_gnjatovic at 
<mailto:tena_gnjatovic at>) by *31st January 2012*, with "SWL5" 
in the subject line. Submissions should be anonymous and refrain from 
self-reference. Please provide contact details (name, phone, e-mail 
address) and the title of your presentation in the body of the e-mail. 
Participants may not be involved in more than two abstracts, of which at 
most one may be single-authored. The conference will be held in English 
and all abstracts must be written in English. The conference website is

I still haven't posted the names of the plenary speakers since I'm 
trying to get the funding for the third speaker (Bernard Comrie and 
Robert D. Van Valin Jr. have already agreed to come). I'll know about 
the funding in the next couple of days, and if I don't get enough, we'll 
have just two plenary speakers.

Please send us your abstract soon. We may extend the deadline for a few 
days, there is plenty of time for the evaluation (the registration will 
begin on May 1).

Ranko Matasovic'
Organizer ofSyntax of the World's Languages 5

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