A new book : A l=?utf-8?Q?=C3=ADngua_?=dos Yuhupdeh

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Dear colleagues,
it gives me a great pleasure to announce a new book which has just been linked to our LCRC site. This is a comprehensive dictionary, and ethnography of the Yuhup, a Makú group from north-western Amazonia, with substantial elements of grammar, by Cácio and Elisângela Silva, entitled 
'A língua dos Yuhupdeh: introdução etnolínguística, dicionário Yuhup-Português e glossário semântico-gramatical 'A língua dos Yuhupdeh: introdução etnolínguística, dicionário Yuhup-Português e glossário semântico-gramatical'
This is available at
You could write to Cácio Silva ‎[caciosilva at caciosilva.com.br]‎; or Elisângela Silva ‎[li at caciosilva.com.br]‎ if you would like a hard copy of this book.
Best wishes

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Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 18:54:19 +0300
From: eitan.grossman at MAIL.HUJI.AC.IL
Subject: 'impersonal' second person

Hi everyone, 

I'm interested in uses of second person for 'generic,' 'impersonal,' or 'procedural' functions, e.g., 'you go straight and then left,' 'you never know what you're up against,' etc. Anna Siewierska (Person, p. 212) mentions that it occurs in Germanic, Romance, Slavonic languages, as well as Hungarian, Estonian, Komi, Turkish, Abkhaz, and another dozen or so non-European languages. 

At the moment, I'm interested in the cross-linguistic extent of this phenomenon. I would be grateful if people would be able to tell me in what languages it does (or doesn't) occur. If there are any linguistic discussions of this in particular languages or families, that would be great too.

I will post a summary of the responses, if there are any.


Best wishes,
Eitan Grossman

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