Hindi-Urdu conversational styles/exchange patterns

Nick Enfield Nick.Enfield at MPI.NL
Thu Aug 15 08:50:44 UTC 2013

PS a useful comparison for which people often have strong intuitions would
be between rural ('slow') versus urban ('fast') varieties of the same

On 8/14/13 10:12 PM, "Everett, Daniel" <DEVERETT at bentley.edu> wrote:

>I agree, Nick. I will take what I can get on this, apparently nothing for
>the particular case, but the really essential bit is to see the kind of
>study you cite for a variety of otherwise linguistically close, but
>culturally diverging dialects or speech communities.
>On Aug 14, 2013, at 3:30 PM, Nick Enfield wrote:
>> It would be great if there were solid empirical work on turn and
>> organisation in speech varieties such as these. Many have described
>> impressions of 'turn-taking' in various varieties, but where this
>> has been systematically tested, what seemed to be giant differences turn
>> out to be subtle variations in 'calibration' of the same underlying
>> system; see Stivers et al (2009). "Universals and cultural variation in
>> turn-taking in conversation." PNAS, 106 (26), 10587-10592. It's worth
>> distinguishing turn-taking in a technical sense from other matters of
>> conversational style.
>> Nick

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