LT 17(2) 2013

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Coming soon -- that is, before ALT 10

LT 17(2) 2013




Guillaume Jacques
Harmonization and disharmonization of affix ordering and basic word order             
Ger Reesink
Expressing the give event in Papuan languages:  A preliminary survey                                


What exactly is ...?

A new feature: Call for contributions                                                                           

Nigel Vincent


Review Article

Daniel W. Hieber
On linguistics, linguists, and our times: A linguist's personal narrative reviewed                     


Book Reviews

A grammar of Goemai, by Birgit Hellwig                                                                  
reviewed by Larry M. Hyman                                                                                     

A grammar of Mian, by Sebastian Fedden                                                                 
reviewed by Jeffrey Heath                                                                                                       
Dusner, by Mary Dalrymple and Suriel Mofu                                                                        
reviewed by Malcolm Ross                                                                                                      

A grammar of Kharia, by John Peterson
reviewed by Anna Pucilowski                                                                                      

From Elvish to Klingon, edited by Michael Adams
reviewed by Susanne Mohr                                                                                                     

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