ergative to accusative alignment

Tasaku Tsunoda tsunoda at NINJAL.AC.JP
Thu Jan 9 06:04:33 UTC 2014

Dear Raheleh,

    The following paper may be useful.

Hohepa, Patrick. 1969. The accusative-to-ergative drift in Polynesian
Journal of the Polynesian Society, 78: 297-329.
Tasaku Tsunoda

From:  Raheleh Izadi Far <raheleh.izadifar at GMAIL.COM>
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Date:  2014年1月8日水曜日 21:24
Subject:  ergative to accusative alignment

Dear all,

Does anybody know about languages which have changed from ergative alignment
to accusative alignment? or does anybody know about the mechanisms involved
in such a change? what are the studies concerning this issue? and if there
are any, are they accessible online?

Thank you very much in advance

kind regards,
Raheleh Izadifar

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