ergative to accusative alignment

Don Killian donald.killian at HELSINKI.FI
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Dear Raheleh,

Depending on what you might be including by ergative, there's an 
interesting article by Dimmendaal 2012 
in which he postulates the origins of Marked Nominative (depending on 
who you ask, some consider this a subcategory of accusative alignment) 
in Eastern Sudanic languages.

Gaahmg is particularly interesting as far as diachronic developments go, 
as it also has both passive and antipassive constructions and in fact 
can allow for both types of markers simultaneously.  If you're curious, 
email me and I can send you an article by Tim Stirtz.



On 01/08/2014 02:24 PM, Raheleh Izadi Far wrote:
> Dear all,
> Does anybody know about languages which have changed from ergative
> alignment to accusative alignment? or does anybody know about the
> mechanisms involved in such a change? what are the studies concerning
> this issue? and if there are any, are they accessible online?
> Thank you very much in advance
> kind regards,
> Raheleh Izadifar

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