[Lingtyp] FYI: Baltic Linguistic Vol. 5 and new website

Peter Arkadiev peterarkadiev at yandex.ru
Thu Nov 6 15:51:47 UTC 2014

Dear colleagues,

it is our pleasure to announce a fully functional website of the international peer-reviewed journal "Baltic Linguistics": http://www.balticlinguistics.uw.edu.pl/
In the "Contents" section you may consult the table of contents of the recently appeared Volume 5 (2014) as well as those of the previous volumes. The full electronic versions of the published materials are now made freely available with a two-years lag (i.e. Vols 1-3 are fully accessible, for Vols. 4-5 only abstracts are available at present).
Submissions for Volume 6 (2015) are invited; the deadline for article submission is March 31.

With best regards,


Peter Arkadiev, PhD
Institute of Slavic Studies
Russian Academy of Sciences 
Leninsky prospekt 32-A 119334 Moscow
peterarkadiev at yandex.ru

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