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Word Knowledge and Word Usage:
               Representations and Processes in the Mental Lexicon

                         Final NetWordS Conference

                           March 30th-April 1st 2015,
                  Scuola Normale Superiore PIsa, Italy

                 Submission deadline: December 1st, 2014


Chair: Vito Pirrelli, ILC-CNR Pisa

Invited Speakers:

- Wolfgang Dressler, University of Vienna
- Marta Kutas, University of California, San Diego
- Gabriella Vigliocco, University College London
- Michael Zock, LIF-CNRS, University of Marseille


We invite contributions focusing on the following two main topic areas (and
their possible interconnections):

usage-based approaches to bootstrapping word form and structure
(morpho-phonological and morpho-syntactic issues) including but not limited

incremental acquisition of lexical categories
emergence of morphological structure
modelling lexical memories
anticipatory prediction-based mechanisms of word recognition
word production
frequency-based models of lexical productivity
word encoding
models of lexical architecture
family-based effects in word processing
word reading and writing

usage-based approaches to word meanings (lexical semantics and pragmatics
in morphologically simple and complex words) including but not limited to

distributional semantics
interpretation of compounds
concept composition and coercion
conceptualisation of perception and action
time and space in the lexicon
metonymy and metaphor
lexico-semantic relations (polysemy, synonymy, antonymy etc.)
lexical, context-based and encyclopaedic knowledge
perceptual grounding and embodied cognition in the lexicon
semantic association and categorisation

Original (unpublished) extended abstracts for either poster or oral
presentation should be submitted anonymously by using the following
EasyChair link:

Submissions should be sent in pdf format not later than 1 December 2014,
and should contain 2 pages max of content (including figures and tables)
and up to two more pages of references. All accepted submissions (whether
presented as posters or orally) will be published on-line on the NetWordS
web site.

A selection of peer-reviewed paper-length versions of accepted submissions
will be published as 2016 special volumes of Lingue e Linguaggio and
Italian Journal of Linguistics.
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