Thematic school - Senelangues2015 - 2nd Announcement

Stephane Robert robert at VJF.CNRS.FR
Sat Sep 27 16:30:20 UTC 2014

Thematic school « Description of West African languages »
University of Dakar, Senegal
20 April to 1st May 2015

2nd call

Deadline for application submission (extended): 15 November 2014
Notification of acceptance: 15 January 2015

As a follow up to the Senelangues project
(, the CNRS laboratories LLACAN and DDL,
and the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar are pleased to announce the
2015 thematic school, "Senelangues 2015 - Description of West African
Languages". This two weeks event will take place from April 20 to May 1st
2015 in Dakar, Senegal.

The aim of this thematic school is to provide an updated training on the
theoretical, methodological and technological tools for collecting and
analysing data of languages spoken in West Africa (mainly Atlantic and
Mande languages but also, Creoles and local varieties of French).

This program is designed to permit the trainees to acquire an overview of
the diverse tasks to be undertaken, as well as the methods and tools which
are available when one engages in the description of a West African
language. The program will also provide an initiation into basic field

The training (53 hours)is structured along three lines corresponding to
(1) basic knowledge of general linguistics and structural properties of
African languages, (2) the specific practices of field linguistics, and
(3) tools, techniques and methods of exploiting field data. A strong
emphasis will be placed on languages of the Atlantic family, but
specialists of Mande languages, and French- and Portuguese-based African
creoles will round out the program. Practical training sessions are
included in the program.
(See the list of courses below, abstracts of the courses will be soon
available on the school website)

Students, without pension (lunch included): 30 000 F CFA / 46 euros / 60 $
Students, with pension: 150 000 F CFA  / 230 euros / 296 $

Payment terms will be announced at the time of notification of acceptance.

For more information, including a detailed program of sessions, notes on
the venue, see our homepage:

Submitting Your Application
Complete the application form online at
before the 15 November 2014.
The school will be held in French (except for one course cf. below)

F. Ameka  (Pr., Leiden University)
C. Chanard  (Ingenieur, LLACAN)
D. Creissels  (Pr. émérite, Université Lyon2)
A. M. Diagne  (Researcher, IFAN, Dakar)
J. Kouadio  (MCF, Université Cocody, Abidjan)
L-M. Perrin  (MCF, INALCO)
M. Mous  (Pr., Leiden University)
P. A. Ndao  (Pr., UCAD, Dakar)
K. Pozdniakov  (IUF - Pr., INALCO)
N. Quint  (DR, LLACAN)
S. Robert  (DR, LLACAN)
P. Roulon-Doko  (DR, LLACAN)
S. Voisin  (MCF, Aix Marseille Université)
V. Vydrine  (Pr., INALCO)

Courses :
Axe1. Basics
            Semantics (2 sessions x 1h30)                         * in
English, interactions in French or English
            Typology (1 session x 2h)
            Morphosyntax (2 sessions x 1h30)
            Tonology (2 sessions x 1h30)
            Phonology (2 sessions x 1h30)
            Sociolinguistics (2 sessions x 1h30)
Axe1.Atlantic languages
            Nouns classes in Atlantic languages (1 session x 2h)
            Atlantic languages: classification and reconstruction (1
session x 2h)
            Verbal inflection in Atlantic languages (1 session x 2h)
            Verbal extensions and valency in Atlantic languages (1 session
x 2h=
Axe1. Specific courses to the region
            African French / Français d’Afrique (1 session x 2h)
            Creoles (1 session x 1h30)
            Description and endangered languages in West Africa (1 session
x 2h)
            Mande Languages (2 sessions x 1h30)
Axe2. Fieldwork
            Recording Techniques (1 session x 1h30)
            Field practices and surveys (1 session x 1h30, 2 groups)
            Ethnolinguistics (1 session x 1h30)
            The researcher in fieldwork (1 session x 1h30)
Axe3. Data
            ELAN (software) (2 sessions x 1h30)
            Metadata (ArBIL) (1 session x 1h30)
            How to write a descriptive grammar? (1 session x 1h30)
            Lexicography (2 sessions x 1h30)

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