[Lingtyp] Model abstracts for ALT Conference

Johanna NICHOLS johanna at berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 6 00:08:57 UTC 2015

Dear ALT members,

I write to wish everyone the best for the new year, and to remind you of
the upcoming deadline for abstracts for this summer's ALT Conference in

We have added some samples of good abstracts on the ALT website:


When I've served on the Program Committee in past years it has been
saddening to see abstracts with potentially very good ideas addressing
potentially important topics, but not written up in such a way that the
committee could judge just what would be claimed or argued or demonstrated,
and how well or conclusively.  A very common reason for rejection is an
abstract that describes the topic in general terms but does not precisely
identify the research question, the method or evidence or argument to be
used, and the conclusion or anticipated conclusion.  We hope that having
some identified exemplary models to go by will be useful to everyone.

The call for papers for the conference is here:

Johanna Nichols
President, ALT
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