[Lingtyp] Ergatives from datives?

ilja.serzants at uni-konstanz.de ilja.serzants at uni-konstanz.de
Sat Jan 17 20:19:31 UTC 2015

Dear colleagues,

I am very much interested  in instances of an ergative case which 
historically developed from a dative or a dative-like expression that is 
(or was) elsewhere used to encode such role clusters as 
recipients/experiencers/beneficiaries/external possessors.

I'd be grateful for any information on languages that have an 
ergative-dative homonymy as well as for any case study on this matter.

I am already aware of the ergative perfect in Aramaic/work by Coghill, 
various cxns in Cariban lgs./work by Gildea, partial homonymy in Basque, 
Indo-Aryan/work by Butt.

Many thanks in advance!

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