[Lingtyp] Americanist contributions to typology

David Nash david.nash at anu.edu.au
Wed Jul 6 19:48:50 UTC 2016

A belated addition:

Rigsby, Bruce. 1976. The Americanist tradition. Discussion by Bruce 
Rigsby. pp.29-33 in /American Indian Languages and American 
Linguistics/. Papers of the Second Golden Anniversary Symposium of the 
LSA, held at the niversity of California, Berkeley, on November 8 and 8, 
1974. Edited by Wallace L. Chafe. Lisse: The Peter de Ridder Press.

I haven't read this for decades, but my recall is that Bruce includes a 
survey of Americanists who also studied Australian languages, and thus 
influenced the Australianist grammatical traditions.

On 6/07/2016 8:09 PM, David Beck wrote:
> Wow, thank you all very much for that (I’m assuming every one has chimed in—it’s like waiting for the last popcron kernel to pop). From the sounds of it, if might have been an easier question to ask what*hasn’t*  Americanist linguistics contributed to! This will be very helpful indeed!
> Cheers,
> David

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