[Lingtyp] 3rd Biennial Conference on Language Typology in China and the World (call for papers)

Jianming Wu wu.jianming2011 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 11:01:56 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the organizers from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
and Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), we are very pleased
to announce that the “*3rd Biennial Conference on Language Typology in
China and the World*”will take place in *Shanghai, *China, between *July 14
**– 16 July, 2017. *

Below is our Call for Papers.  Looking forward to your coming . Thanks!

*3rd Biennial Conference on Language Typology in China and the World*

*Date: *July 14 – 16 July, 2017
*Location:* Shanghai International Studies University

*Conference Organizers:*
          Institute of Linguistics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
          Institute of Linguistics, Shanghai International Studies
University (SISU)
          Journal of *Zhongguo Yuwen* (*Studies of the Chinese Language*) (
          Journal of *Foreign Languages *(《外国语》)

This conference is intended to study various current issues in the field of
language typology,  with an eye on Chinese and other languages from
cross-linguistic perspectives. Topics of interest may involve field
linguistics, language comparison, language contact, typology and language
evolution, areal linguistics, etc.

Please send your abstracts of 300 – 600 words by *30th April, 2017* to the
conference organizers at < typology_sisu at yahoo.com* >*
Abstracts will be evaluated by the reviewing committee. We will notify you
of inclusion in this conference by 31st May, 2017.

*Conference website*:

*For further information, please contact:*
          Prof. Lixin Jin(金立鑫) (lixinjin at gmail.com)
          Prof.  Jianming Wu(吴建明) (wu.jianming2011 at hotmail.com),
          Lecturer: Fang Wang(王芳) (wangfang at shisu.edu.cn)
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