[Lingtyp] R.I.P.: Antonina Koval' (1938-2017)

Timur Maisak timur.maisak at gmail.com
Sat May 13 20:10:52 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,
last night, on May 13, Antonina Ivanovna Koval' - a Russian Africanist, the
wife of Aleksandr Kibrik and the mother of Andrej Kibrik, passed away. She
was 78.

Antonina Koval' mainly worked on the Pulaar-Fulfulde language. Since 1971,
she was a researcher at the Dept. of African Languages of the Moscow
Institute of Linguistics, RAS. (See http://iling-ran.ru/main/scholars/koval
for details.)

Her passing away is a great personal and professional loss to all of us.

The information concerning the funeral (on May 16) is available at:
(you can leave your message on the same page via the feedback form)

See also the latest posts on the facebook Kibrik&Kodzasov Memorial Page:

Timur Maisak
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