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Thanks Hedvig for pointing this out. With regard to the ANU code of conduct, which will apply to this coming ALT conference by virtue of us hosting it here, please also consult



Procedure : Prevention of discrimination, harassment and ...<https://policies.anu.edu.au/ppl/document/ANUP_000623>
Procedure: Prevention of discrimination, harassment and bullying Purpose. To outline the University strategies and responsibilities of staff and students for ...

for further detail and definitions, which I think are clear enough that they avoid some of the objections raised to the ALT CoC by some participants in the discussion. As a co-organiser of the upcoming ALT conference I'd like to assure all participants that we at ANU/CoEDL take this code very seriously as a way of making sure that all participants feel safe, welcome, respected and free from any form of harassment.

The purpose of ALT code, as I understand it, is to make sure that a comparable ethos (subject to whatever modification the membership ends up deciding) is part of the ALT as a society, regardless of where its conferences are held, and it is in that spirit that the current CoC is being proposed. On top of that I think that - in practical terms – the procedures for dealing with any case that may arise during the conference need to be dealt with swiftly, during the conference itself, and local university procedures are generally too slow and ponderous to deal with that. For that reason it's important, in my view, to have a well thought-through procedure for assessing, judging, mediating and dealing with any case which may arise, and I think that a proposal such as the one circulated by Emily Bender earlier would be a good model to follow in any amendment that ends up getting made to the currently proposed version.

Best, Nick Evans

ALT Conference Coorganiser


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Dear all, again

While we're waiting for the vote to finish, I'd like to take this opportunity to share the Code of Conduct of ANU and the University of New Mexico, this years and last ALT conference locations. If ALT takes on its own Code of Conduct, which it doesn't have to, then this would in many cases be in addition/complement to an already existing one at our respective institutions. It appears that people aren't aware of this, so here are the relevant links:




University of New Mexico




Med vänliga hälsningar,

Hedvig Skirgård

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The Wellsprings of Linguistic Diversity

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On 21 November 2017 at 00:24, Kristine Hildebrandt <khildeb at siue.edu<mailto:khildeb at siue.edu>> wrote:
Dear ALT members:

We have two important items up for vote. Both items are contained in a single electronic ballot, which can be found here:


This link allows you to vote exactly once, and the origin of the vote is untraceable (ie. the vote is anonymous to me when I collect the results).

Item 1:
Of the six current Executive Committee members, three are rotating off, and need to be replaced (Felix Ameka, Isabelle Bril, Keren Rice). Three continue for another term: Silvia Luraghi, Stepehen Matthews, Felicity Meakins.

The ALT nominating committee identified and consulted with three nominees for the EC: Mark Dingemanse, Rachel Nordlinger, and Ljuba Veselinova.

When you go the e-ballot, you will see brief bio-sketches of the three nominees. You can vote for all three together, or for any individual. And even if you do not vote for any nominee, you can still vote on Item #2 (below).

We are grateful to both the outgoing EC members, and to the Nominating Committee (Nick Enfield, Nina Dobrushina, Martin Haspelmath, and Claire Bowern) for their work for ALT.

Item 2:

The ALT Officers (Jeff Good, Dmitry Idiatov, and me), in consultation with the EC have drawn up a code of conduct statement to be added to the ALT statutes. Please vote either for or against the adoption of this code.

Voting is now open as of this email. The deadline to vote is Tuesday December 5 at 5pm Central Standard Time.

Thank you!
('Thanks' in Manange)

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