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Just to say the link in Martin's message to the grammaticalization volume is wrong. It should be http://langsci-press.org/catalog/book/152
The editors are Bisang and Malchukov.

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There are four new books (free to download, as always) from Language Science Press:

Unity and diversity in grammaticalization scenarios, edited by Kristine
Stenzel and Bruna Franchetto
(Studies in Diversity Linguistics 17)

On this and other worlds: Voices from Amazonia, edited by Kristine
Stenzel and Bruna Franchetto
(Studies in Diversity Linguistics 17)

Sémantique formelle: Volume 1 : Introduction à la grammaire de
Montague, by Laurent Roussarie
(Textbooks in Language Sciences 4)

The verb in Nyakyusa, by Bastian Persohn
(Contemporary African Lingustics 2)

Please note our new library partnership model: We need support from 100 libraries worldwide in order to continue our operations (see http://userblogs.fu-berlin.de/langsci-press/2017/11/06/future-of-language-science-press-your-support-required-as-we-are-hitting-the-home-stretch/).


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