[Lingtyp] Body-part metaphors in different languages and lexical typology

Annika Tjuka annika.tjuka at student.hu-berlin.de
Wed Jul 18 10:49:35 UTC 2018

Dear all,

in my Master’s thesis, I conduct a typological study of body-part
metaphors, mostly indicating part-whole relations as in "the foot of
the mountain" or "pinhead".

In this context, I’m looking for recommendations for primary and
secondary sources of the following kind:

1) Comparative studies of body-part metaphors cross-linguistically.

2) Studies on individual languages discussing body-part metaphors. So
far, I have found studies discussing Hieroglyphic-Egyptian, Thai,
Japanese, English, and Indonesian.

3) Dictionary data, preferably digital, ideally accessible online. I'm
aware of the Pacific Linguistics Publications Archive
(http://sealang.net/archives/pl/). Any comparable resources,
dictionaries accessible through archives, etc. would be very welcome.

Please feel free to answer to me individually, I promise to post a
summary of your responses to the list.

I’m excited to hear your suggestions.

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