[Lingtyp] Summary: Body-part metaphors in different languages and lexical typology

Annika Tjuka annika.tjuka at student.hu-berlin.de
Mon Jul 23 07:51:08 UTC 2018

Dear all,

as promised, I send you a short summary of the responses to my 

You can find all the references concerning point 1) and 2) in the 
attached Bibdesk file as well as in the PDF.

The following databases were recommended for data collection, see point 

• http://ids.clld.org/http://wold.clld.org/http://sealang.net/archives/pl/http://www.trussel2.com/acd/acd-s_m.htm#30830http://clics.clld.org/

I would like to thank everybody who gave me feedback, recommendations 
and advice:
Peter Bakker, Anastasia Bauer, Juergen Bohnemeyer, Les Bruce, Joseph T. 
Farquharson, Alice Gaby, Johanna Laakso, Piet Lincoln, Tianqiao Lu, 
Na'ama Pat-El, Kelsie Pattillo, Ludwig Paul, Iker Salaberri, Alice 
Vittrant-Villejuif and Kilu von Prince.

I am going to post updates and the final result of my Master's thesis on 
Researchgate. You can follow me and my progress here:

Have a great day,

Am 2018-07-18 12:49, schrieb Annika Tjuka:
> Dear all,
> in my Master’s thesis, I conduct a typological study of body-part
> metaphors, mostly indicating part-whole relations as in "the foot of
> the mountain" or "pinhead".
> In this context, I’m looking for recommendations for primary and
> secondary sources of the following kind:
> 1) Comparative studies of body-part metaphors cross-linguistically.
> 2) Studies on individual languages discussing body-part metaphors. So
> far, I have found studies discussing Hieroglyphic-Egyptian, Thai,
> Japanese, English, and Indonesian.
> 3) Dictionary data, preferably digital, ideally accessible online. I'm
> aware of the Pacific Linguistics Publications Archive
> (http://sealang.net/archives/pl/). Any comparable resources,
> dictionaries accessible through archives, etc. would be very welcome.
> Please feel free to answer to me individually, I promise to post a
> summary of your responses to the list.
> I’m excited to hear your suggestions.
> Best,
> Annika
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