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Dear colleagues,

I received some feedback to my query on studying variation in minority
languages from several people, which I share with those who are interested,
as a google-doc here, where you may also leave your comments:


I tried splitting the references into two topics - variation in grammar and
sociophonetic variation, according to my original query - but this was not
always possible. According to the query, I focused on references to the
studies on minority languages; but, again, this is not always possible,
because collected volumes may include studies of different types.

I thank Grev Corbett, Jorge Rosés Labrada, Felicity Meakens, Sergei Say,
Dineke Shokkin

In case anyone cannot access the google doc, I provide the references below:


* Sociolinguistics of minority languages: Variation in grammarGreville G.
Corbett. (1999). Resolution rules for gender agreement in Tsakhur. In:
Rakhilina and Testelets (eds.) Typology and linguistic explanation. Moscow
1999. (*Summary of judgements from ten speakers, no statistics)Meakins,
Felicity. (2009). The case of the shifty ergative marker: A pragmatic shift
in the ergative marker in one Australian mixed language. In J. Barddal & S.
Chelliah (Eds.), The Role of Semantics and Pragmatics in the Development of
Case. (pp. 59-91). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Meakins, Felicity. (2015).
Not obligatory: Bound pronoun variation in Gurindji and Bilinarra.
Asia-Pacific Language Variation, 1(2), 128-161. Meakins, Felicity &
O'Shannessy, C. (2010). Ordering arguments about: Word order and discourse
motivations in the development and use of the ergative marker in two
Australian mixed languages. Lingua, 120(7), 1693–1713. Meyerhoff, Miriam.
2015. Turning variation on its head: Analysing subject prefixes in Nkep
(Vanuatu) for language documentation. Asia-Pacific Language Variation 1(1):
78-108. Овсянникова, М.А., Ханина, О.В. Что происходит с языком, когда на
нем перестают говорить? (данные нефинитных форм лесного диалекта энецкого
языка). (*Language loss as reflected in the change of the use of non-finite
verb forms in Enets, Samoyedic; to be published, if interested, contact the
author: masha.ovsjannikova at gmail.com
<masha.ovsjannikova at gmail.com>) Sociophonetics of minority
languages Kristine A. Hildebrandt, Carmen Jany & Wilson Silva (eds.). 2017.
Documenting variation in endangered languages. Special Publication 13
Language Documentation & Conservation. (*A special issue of Language
documentation and Conservation; freely available here:
<https://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/24754?mode=full> covers
various topics; from a quick look at the ToC, there is a special focus on
sociovariation in language loss)  Meyerhoff, Miriam. 2017. Writing a
linguistic symphony: Analyzing variation while doing language
documentation. Canadian Journal of Linguistics/Revue Canadienne De
Linguistique: 1-25. doi:10.1017/cnj.2017. (*the paper analyses three
different types of variables, to quote: “the near merger of two front
vowels, lexical borrowing, and the expression of subject
agreement”) Mansfield, John. 2015. Consonant lenition as a sociophonetic
variable in Murrinh Patha (Australia).  Language Variation and Change  27:
203-225 Mansfield, John. 2015. Morphotactic variation, prosodic domains and
the changing structure of the Murrinhpatha verb.  Asia-Pacific Language
Variation 1(2): 163-189 Stanford, James N. 2008. A sociotonetic analysis of
Sui dialect contact. Language Variation and Change 20(3): 409-50. Stanford,
James N. & Dennis Preston. Variation in Indigenous Minority Languages.
Amsterdam: John Benjamins. (*This is a collected volume covering both
sociophonetic and grammatical variation in minority languages) Dineke
Shokkin also notes, that within this project -
they are currently doing research on language variation in languages of
Australia, PNG and Vanuatu - publications to follow. Different references
to publications by Naomy Dagy are available at her personal page:
<http://individual.utoronto.ca/ngn/cv.htm#pubs>Note however that most of
these are on variation in heritage languages, in urban environment. A book
on various aspects of variation in Gaelic at Embo, a village in Sutherland,
is Dorian, Nancy. 2010. Investigating variation. The effects of social
organization and social setting. Oxfrod: Oxford University Press. - but
this already borders with studies of local varieties of bigger languages. *
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